Lectures, presentations, mini concerts, the meeting of visual and sound artists at the 44flavours atelier.

We've been wondering, for a minute now, why there hasn't really been an event that facilitated an open dialogue between musicians and visual artists and designers? Clearly the two worlds are interrelated, if not straight  co-dependent. On our end, we've worked with our musician friends on many different projects over the years, be it art related or those of a commercial nature. We've learned a lot through these collaborations and definitely had a lot of fun. We also created some truly amazing things. However, we haven't really exhausted our curiosity about the world of sound and the interplay of these two disciplines, quite the opposite, actually. To satiate our hunger, we decided to organize a salon style conference to explore this topic further.

Over the span of the coming weeks we'll invite our friends from the art and music worlds to share their work, as well as the insight and experience gathered along the way. Each panel will feature a musician and a visual artist. It will begin as a discussion between the two, and gradually open up to a debate with the audience. In a typical 44flavours fashion this is a project about bringing beautiful people together in a cozy environment, to inspire each other and to see where it takes us. 

26 05 2016 — SESSION 01

"Broken in the future, past and present"

Graciela María

Graciela María is a Mexican-born singer, pianist and songwriter, based in Berlin. She ramped up her professional career while singing for the electronic production duo, signal deluxe. In 2009, Graciela met producer robot koch and decided to move to Berlin to collaborate on some musical projects. She has performed in popular events throughout the world, including Berlin Next in La Gaîté Lyrique, Sónar Festival and Magnetic Fields. She stays busy with various collaborations and is currently working on the completion of her third album. Graciela's music creates an atmosphere of a standstill in time, remembering what has been, listening to the hours gone by. Her voice it's an echo of a lost century in which poetry was written to feel life with words and to be able to die every night.

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Clemens Behr

Text: Ernst Busche

For the common city dweller it is just refuse and nuisance, for Clemens Behr it’s the precious substance for his work: wooden plates and rails, cardboard boxes, rack columns, corrugated metals and plastics – the variety of materials and options, forms and colors is just endless. What the street does not offer, Behr finds in DIY markets: from bolts and doors to windows and shelves to slats and plates of any shape, structure and size. Ironically, one of the chains selling off the achievements of modern architecture for small change named itself „Bauhaus“.
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