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Son of Kick


    Here's the latest edition of our 44 mixtape series, this time brought to you by Son Of Kick. Press play and scroll your way down to see what the man had to say about it.


Son of Kick


  1. Catherine O'Hara “Sally's Song” - 1:48
  2. Tom Waits “Alice” - 4:29
  3. Fiona Apple “I Know” - 4:55
  4. Miles Davis “Blue in Green” - 5:38
  5. Billie Holiday “Ps I Love You” - 3:32
  6. Jacques Brel “Ces Gens La” - 4:43
  7. Feist “The Water” - 4:46
  8. Landscape “Born Wild” - 4:30
  9. Leonard Cohen “Famous Blue Raincoat” - 5:10
  10. Beck “Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997” - 3:28
  11. Bob Dylan “Girl From The North Country” - 3:19
  12. Eliott Smith “Between The Bars” - 2:20
  13. Violent Femmes “Confessions” - 5:33
  14. Noir Désir “Marlène” - 3:03
  15. Bauhaus “Hollow Hills” - 4:18
  16. The Cure “Kyoto Song” - 4:16
  17. Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush “Don't Give Up” - 6:33
  18. Pearl Jam “Wash” - 3:33
  19. Portishead “Wandering Stars” - 4:57
  20. Pink Floyd “Welcome To The Machine” - 7:27
  21. A Silver Mount Zion “God Bless Our Dead Marines” - 11:44
  22. Nirvana “D-7” - 3:44

Son of Kick


    Introduce yourself...

    Bonjour my name is Mika, but I've also been known under other aliases such as Son Of Kick, Rose Ryot, Micro Coz or ESC.

    So what's special about this mix?

    Ah this mix! I have to admit, I was so pleased to have been asked to do a guest tape for my boy RQM and 44flavours, but even more so when I was informed that I could express myself the way I wanted to – to the extent of choosing whatever music or genre I wanted. I didn't have to make what people expected me to. This tape is as special, as the ones I was making 20 years ago with my 2 tape + 1 vinyl player recorder... I loved every single one of those tapes!

    Why is it haunted?

    Well because it has a Bauhaus tune on it of course! Also the ”The Haunted Selection“ name came from the fact that every single song on this tape haunted me at some point in time – crawled under my skin, travelled through every single organ and resonated in my guts. The replay button never had more value than back then.

    Any specific memories surfaced while you were making it?

    So many. Beautiful, tender, dark, livid, red, blue, green, white, close to death, close to life, love no more! and in love again. Many...

    Do you think your fans will be surprised by the selection?

    I don't know. I must admit, I have selfishly made this tape to please my boy RQM, and then to please myself. After that, if anyone else is interested to discover what music I listen to when I don't wear my Son Of Kick cape, then this tape will paint a perfect picture of that. I do hope though, that they will embrace the journey. Also, I want to dedicate THIS TAPE to THAT person who gets in my face, at some shows, 20 seconds into my mix, and waves his/her phone with a text in all CAPS which says: Play Dubstep!

    Would you say that your music is haunted?

    Some is, but not in that ”Ghost“ **RIP Patrick Swayze** type of a way, but more because I lodge a few different souls in me (we all do I reckon) and they express themselves differently and so, looking back on some tunes, sometimes I really wonder who made that song? ...well I did.

Blessings to all and really, please stop hating, start eating cheese and love one an other.

Johan Kramer

Chicken Suit

    If you're in advertising, or happen to be a hardcore fan of films on football, Johan Kramer will need no introduction. With over 500 commercials, 84 international awards, a series of cult documentaries, and an arsenal of music videos to his name — the man's made a slight dent here and there. A slight dent, you know what I mean?

    Just recently we've had the pleasure to work with Mr. Kramer on a commercial for BVR, which will air all Summer – you can watch it here. Thank you to Maria Walnut Nogueira for mediating our encounter with her blog and setting off the domino effect that ultimately led to our collaboration. Without further ado, we present a short conversation with the one and only Mr. Johan Kramer:

    Who is Johan Kramer?

    Johan Kramer is a human being, a father of two daughters, a boy who dreamt of being a football player and now a storyteller, mostly with a camera.

    Football or an 8mm camera?

    Do I have to choose? I like to use both, ideally at the same time. I've made so many shots of rolling balls, while kicking it... I love these kinds of shots.

    You made some interesting connections between Buddhism and football in the past...

    Well, for an amateur Buddhist I tried to do my best to make myself clear. Nowadays, I see more connections between directing and Buddhism. I notice that the more I let go, the more freedom I give to all my collaborators, the result is growing. During my last feature film, I just watched my crew working from the terrace of a coffee shop and discovered that it worked in perfect harmony, with me just being invisible.

    Have you met any hardcore hooligans in advertising?

    I never liked advertising and I never will, but the exceptions are sometimes so wonderful that you develop a love-hate relationship.

    The zen art of creativity - what would YOU discuss in your chapter?

    The art of letting go, plus the art of working hard and with passion, but realise it's not very important.

    When you work in a creative field, how important is having personal obsessions and dreams?

    I think it's great to try to make work that is personal, without looking too much at what others do. Your own style, your tone-of-voice is all that counts... personal obsessions and dreams help...

    And your wildest dream that hasn't materialized just yet?

    After shooting with the best football player ever, Lionel Messi, I am pretty ok on this level.

    Word's been getting around that you catch fits of laughter every time you visit an agency – what's the problem sir?

    It could be the color of my shoes.

    The importance of a chicken suit in the butterfly effect theory.

    Every professional should have a chicken suit in his closet.

    And I'm curious, the name change, was that official? If so, how did your family react? I mean you were only 10 years old.

    It was not official, but it slowly became official. My family was shocked. I just told my class one day that I wanted to be called Johan, after Johan Neeskens, a football player and from that day it stayed Johan.

    The ultimate cast, the ultimate soundtrack? Your project of course.

    A school class. A singing saw. Good start.

    What was it like to work with Tom Waits?

    He really likes his coffee. That's a good start.

    Since we love to bump good music at our studio – what's on your playlist right now?

    I am in love with Mansions On The Moon right now.

    Will you be going to Poland this summer?

    Thank God no.

    In closing, could you share some advice with those still struggling to come up in design and advertising?

    Stay true to yourself. Don't look at the work of others and just experiment... and hope you will meet someone who gives you your well-deserved chance...

Thank you. It was a pleasure!

A pleasure.


Time To Give Back

    The only thing that can top a good session with good people, is if there's also a good cause thrown in the mix. Hint: like the Wu-Tang Clan and Mr. 'Ol Dirty Bastard, 44flavours is most certainly for the children! Learn more about this new project and check out what we cooked up with our OH NO! family, step by step.

    What's this new project all about?

    Our upcoming anniversary made us think about both the past and the future, and being that we are a part of the Berlin neighborhood Kreuzberg we wanted to give back for everything that we've received from the community. We decided not to celebrate our birthday with a big party, but by releasing a special edition tee. All the proceeds from selling these shirts will be donated to a local organization helping children growing up in troubled environments.

    How severe is the problem with alcoholism in Berlin?

    It's a massive problem, which is not always readily visible. What you see is sad, as most 'isms are on contact, but alcoholism behind closed doors is the worst, especially for children. Growing up in an environment which supports alcohol more than the kids has catastrophic consequences in the long run. We can't accept this state of affairs and we really want to catalyze change. At the same time we understand that alcoholism is not something that people choose, it's an addiction.

    So what will happen with the money that you'll receive from selling these t-shirts?

    We'll donate all of it to Diakonie Mitte Berlin* and their Project “Vergiss mich nicht” (Do not forget me), which supports children who grow up in families with drug and alcohol problems. You can see all their programs on their websites. 

    In closing, how much of an influence do you think artists have on the state of affairs in this world?

    It depends on the artists as much as it depends on every individual's willingness to act. This means that, whether you're an artist or not, you should always try to influence the state of affairs on a local and global level. This might sound stupid and even outdated or laughable, but YES!, we can influence change. Believe it or not - that's a fact.


    It's always a lot of fun to get something off the ground with some truly talented individuals. And this session was most certainly more than we could ever wish for: intensely fun, chaotic with purpose, and with a good karma punchline to top it all off.

    The Making Of the OH NO T-Shirt

    The Culprits: OH-NO, Jonni D. Mitchel, 44flavours
    The Technique: structures, manual gradation, manual screen printing


    Ultimately, our goal was to make sure that all type of freaks appreciate the finished design – being that the proceeds from the sales will go directly to helping kids. So we decided to make something with all them crazy jet-setters, monsters, lobsters, and dayflowers in mind.

sketch a rough idea


    As with most of our projects, we kicked this one off with a simple sketch – just to get the rough idea on paper, and to ultimately have a good jump off for the rest of the process. 

    We decided to use the basic OH-NO logo as the negative space, which would only be visible once the space around it would be filled up with typography. So at this stage we had to calculate the size of the OH-NO logo in relation to the size of the t-shirt and the rest of the design.

    We wanted the t-shirt to have a human touch, so we opted for a whole range of textures: brush strokes, soft pencil touch ups etc. After creating the text with the aforementioned techniques, we had to transfer it to a transparent foil. At that point we realized that some of the color that we used on the foil wasn't dark enough to block the light during the screen transfer. We fixed this by scanning the artwork and polishing it up digitally. 

    We sent the finished design to the OH NO boys, who printed them on a transparent overlay. Once we had the foil, we met up with Jonni at his workshop and he used the transparencies to expose the screens.

    The next step was the actual screen printing. We used pantone colors, which were custom mixed for us in-house by Jonni himself. 

    We even ran gradient color tests before the printing session. The whole thing with gradients can be a pain when you're screen printing, but we decided to emulate the process manually by using two colors simultaneously. We poured them in the middle of the screen together and then just printed like that. The shirts came out as loud and crisp as intended. Mission accomplished! Once we saw that the samples looked hella good, we ran the whole 50 piece series.

    news may 2012

    Flavour Flashbacks

    I guess what rocked our worlds recently, was the whole experience of working with Mr. Johan Kramer on the Heimat tv spot. And what's also brain jostling, is that what we shot together is already on tv, and it'll be running straight through the entire Euro championships. Here you can see what we did with all the paint splattered details. Also check out what we made for the Kramer Zeitung here.

    The Ethical Fashion Fair is a healthy runner-up — I mean we got to build a proper megapolis out of cardboard with our friends KLUB7 and Clemens Behr. Only being Godzilla could beat that! You can check the making of video here. We also finished the new line of snowboards for Völkl, which came out looking hella sharp. And what's special about this series, is that there are all types of semi-hidden messages all over the boards that you can decode if you have some extra time to burn. We also designed our first pair of skis! Look here.

    news may 2012

    Flavour Flashbacks

    Also worth mentioning was the “44 universe” piece which was commissioned by Converse. Respect to the architects of the campaign – it was well thought out and high impact on the media end of things. Last but not least, peep our Dada installation made using G-Shock watches.

    Flavour FlashForwards and Ongoings

    If you somehow missed our exhibit at the Supalife Gallery, it'll still be up till the 30th of May. If you've never been to the actual spot, even more reason to move your behind. For the lazy bodies out there, you can take a look at the work here. The reKOLLEKT exhibit curated by our man Yaneq, which features the work of a host of very interesting artists – and yours truly – will be running till the 17th of June. Highly recommended!

Shout Outs

    Big soulful Big ups! to Mr. Johan Kramer and his uncle for sharing their colorful world with us! A big Berlin bear hug goes out to Maria Nogueira for putting us in touch with Johan. Professor Birgit Gurtner – much much love for organizing the workshop in Salzburg. To our group: thank you for the inspiration, and we hope y'all enjoyed it all as much as we did! But y'all talk funny! lol Shout outs go out to Yaneq. But brother, you gotta watch those killer rum & tonics you be giving out! lol
    Clemens, KLUB7 familia – it's always a pleasure!


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