Let/s Go

Posted by JR on February 12th 2019 in mixtape
Love sick. We’ve all been there. And I’m sure that there’ve also been times when it was us busting someone else’s heart shaped box. This mixtape is dedicated to someone special. No need to drop names though, only real gentlemen up in here. Let’s call this a sonic map leading towards recovery. If you let it, it will take you through the numerous shades of what you go through while trying to get over someone. Denial, depression, anger, longing, lust, time dragging its heavy kicks, you name it it’s there. But because we aint a gloomy bunch and life is a strange fucking animal, we decided to end the whole thing with a question. That’s also the reason why we called the mixtape  “Let/s Go”, cause you never really know, do you?
We would like to thank all of the artists featured on here for sharing a bit of their broken soul with the world. We would like to dedicate this selection to anybody who needs it right now. And BTW you don’t have to be heart broken either, feeling the winter blues is enough. We would also like to say that if you guys are happy, in love and sailing daily on cloud numero nueve, then please, please cherish what you got! Celebrate it daily.  And take this mixtape as a reminder that you have a treasure in your lap. Don’t sleep on it! Life is short and as fucking cheesy as it sounds: it’s only well lived when it’s lived for love! Peace and blessings y’all! 44flavours signing off. 

Happy Belated New Sun Cycle Y’all!

Posted by JR on January 16th 2018 in mixtape

To a safe, smooth and inspiring one! 
And may it be a thousand times better than the last!
To get on the right wavelength our dear friend Lukasz from initialsLP put together this mind tingling, hot buttered mixtape for y’all. It’s a proper feast that goes from Run The Jewels, through Arthur Russel, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Perera Elsewhere, all the way through to Ryuchi Sakamoto.
Tune in and zone out. 


Posted by JR on January 4th 2017 in mixtape, music

What’s good? What’s popping? What’s cracking?

So another year on this spaceship called Earth is in the bag. I’m sure all of you will agree that 2016 was one hell of a year! What kept us moving and our spirits strong was the fact that no matter where we went, we met like minded individuals with a wealth of soul and creativity.
People who not only believe in the power of Art in shaping reality, but live it day in day out. And it’s during all of these functions and meetings that we felt that we were a part of a perfect world, and in that sense, we always are. How we treat each other, the beauty we create together and smuggle into this bleak reality, is the alternative to this madness.
And on that note we would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. And as our tradition dictates, we have a beautiful mixtape for you, put together by our dear friend The Glue Kids. Actually, it’s not really a mixtape, but a deep journey of sorts.
So… Bon Voyage!

New 44flavours Mixtape by Sneaky!

Posted by JR on October 2nd 2014 in mixtape, music

To celebrate this wonderful occasion we would like to share this sunny, tropically colorful, flavor packed 2-hour mix tape with you – put together with love by the Tea & Biscuit coalition aka J.R., L.P. and Sneaky (the actual man on the decks). Btw. we hope to make this mix tape series an ongoing affair, especially in the light of the fact that we have almost 400 followers on mixcloud! Thank you for all the support!

44flavours Mixtape no.9 by 44flavours on Mixcloud