EXOOT Tropical Healing

Posted by Julio on March 6th 2017 in Exhibitions

Our friend the artist Jan Brokof invited us to be part of the “EXOOT Tropical Healing” exhibition at Vriend Van Bavink Gallery in Amsterdam.
The Opening will be on Saturday the 18th of March 2017 at 5pm.
We built two Sculptures for the show, which will be on display until the 28th of April.

»Die Drei Clementinen«

Posted by Julio on February 3rd 2017 in Exhibitions

Friday 10th of February 2017 at 19.00h we would like to welcome you to the opening of ‘Die Drei Clementinen’ a collaboration of Guillaume Pellay, Quentin Chambry and Alexis Poline at Raum Vollreinigung.

Quentin Chambry, Guillaume Pellay and Alexis Poline are guys from the late 80’s living in Rennes, Brest and Angers. They are part of Moderne Jazz crew, 126 Gallery and Éditions Peinture.
Linked by their friendship, their common tastes and their reflexions on the Art Thing they are united since 2 years under the Les Trois Clémentines banner (Die Drei Clementinen).



Posted by Julio on January 4th 2017 in mixtape, music

What’s good? What’s popping? What’s cracking?

So another year on this spaceship called Earth is in the bag. I’m sure all of you will agree that 2016 was one hell of a year! What kept us moving and our spirits strong was the fact that no matter where we went, we met like minded individuals with a wealth of soul and creativity.
People who not only believe in the power of Art in shaping reality, but live it day in day out. And it’s during all of these functions and meetings that we felt that we were a part of a perfect world, and in that sense, we always are. How we treat each other, the beauty we create together and smuggle into this bleak reality, is the alternative to this madness.
And on that note we would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. And as our tradition dictates, we have a beautiful mixtape for you, put together by our dear friend The Glue Kids. Actually, it’s not really a mixtape, but a deep journey of sorts.
So… Bon Voyage!

»As taken so it’s given« by oqko

Posted by Julio on December 9th 2016 in Exhibitions

On saturday the 17th of december we present the last event for 2016 at Raum Vollreinigung.
We invited the collective oqko to show an audio-visual installation. The opening will start at 7pm at Wassertorstrasse 65, Berlin. (U-Bahn Prinzenstrasse). Entrance right of Gitschinerstrasse 59.

Description: Interruption integrated through mechanization, the dialog of elements that trans- late perspective and derivative instances as source for a metaphorical use of space.

– Concept and Idea: DEKJ
– Technical development and realzation: astvaldur, DEKJ, Lvis Mejía and smog

Founded in 2015, the Berlin based interdisciplinary label and collective; oqko, envisions both organic and hybrid experi- mentation towards the core of its perception of æsthetics. Valuing the plurality of todays formats and expressions stays as oqko’s premise.