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Posted by SB on January 20th 2021

44flavours 2021 Mixtape no. 13

Posted by SB on January 20th 2021

It’s that time of the year again! And with that, it’s time to drop another mixtape. This one was curated in-house by JR. The voice setting it off, that’s our dear friend Lukasz Polowczyk from AINT ABOUT ME. 

So what’s the theme here? Well, looking back on last year we came to the realisation that it wasn’t the big projects and, obviously, it wasn’t the gallery openings that were the true highlights for us, but it was you all! All the people who are truly dear to us, keeping that connection alive! Getting the random phone calls from friends or emails or postcards – each with this implicit message that we can help each other through this – these are the things that meant the most to us! And made this insane world feel like the place feel hospitable. So, well… This one is dedicated to you all! Happy Newness! May this one be kinder, softer, more generous than the last one! And may we finally see each other! And when we do, let’s drink from this beautiful cup that friendship is. And let’s drink like there aint no tomorrow! In the meantime, pick up that phone, send that email or postcard…talk to a friend Love!
Yours Truly,  SB & JR of 44flavours

»Forever 21« online group exhibition

Posted by SB on December 31st 2020

To be able to celebrate the New Year together we would like to invite you to be part of the virtual exhibition “FOREVER21”, curated by Jim Avignon and Holger Beier.

To the exhibitions!
Use firefox or chrome

“Since we can hardly meet on New Year’s Eve, we have moved the party to a virtual space. We are pleased to invite you to the group exhibition Forever 21!



The vernissage will be exclusively online on the 360˚platform Mozilla Hubs. All 7 artists are Berlin based and will present their current works in 7 separate exhibition spaces. Visitors can enter the rooms via smartphone or computer, they can choose a personal avatar and can actually talk to each other via a built-in microphone function.

So on January 1st at 4pm CET we will publish the links to the 7 showrooms and you are invited to virtually hop between them until the internet drops out…!

Let’s hug virtually! Let’s have a good time! Let’s have a party!

Jim & Holger”

Instagram links:


Limited edition screen print

Posted by SB on December 7th 2020

To be honest, this is by far the most complex Screen-Print edition we released so far.

We are super proud to be able to present this gem to you, hosted by our friends @tropicsparis we present to you a 6 color screen print, hand pulled in 8 layers in Paris on a 270 grams Arches paper, 70cm x 100cm, in a limited edition of 50 copies. Signed and numbered by us.

Here the link to order the print Tropic.paris  

Beat by @b4mba
Photos by @julienpounchou
Thanks for the opportunity to @olivierparsi