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”From the suburb of reason to the valley below“
Jim Avignon & 44flavours
Exhibition at Gallery Köppe Contemporary

The artistic creation / the work of an artist is always an insight into the world of thoughts and the inner life of the author. Works in the form of pictures or other works, such as spatial works, are created as a reflection of one’s own thoughts and ideas.
With Jim Avignon and 44flavours, it’s not just the mutual exchange, which is based on years of friendship, numerous meetings and joint projects, but also the willingness of the artists to allow both rational and emotional sides in their work, and to allow the dialogue between these two contradictory worlds provoke.
We find it exciting to look at exhibitions from precisely this perspective: Who is behind the works? What stories does the artist tell us? Is it perhaps a narration of a journey into the inner life of the artist?
We would like to take you on a very personal journey “From the suburbs of reason to the valley below”.
In pictures, but also ceramics, drawings, wooden objects and prints.

Friday, 25th of November at 7 pm

Gallery Köppe Contemporary
Knausstraße 19
14193 Berlin

26. 11. – 22. 12. 2022
Tue – Fri 2 pm – 5 pm, Sat 11 am – 5 pm

44flavours —

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A special edition of 222 hand painted wooden masks.

We are happy to invite you to the release of »Mimik«, our new special edition of hand-painted wooden masks presented by the online magazine Herz&Blut.

Each of the limited 222 wooden masks has the same outer shape, but has a different facial expression. 

We met Jules Villbrandt (founder of Herz&Blut) in 2014, when she came to visit our studio. 
After that we’ve developed an ongoing creative friendship. 
We share a common passion for painting, ceramics, sculptures, prints and objects. It was only a matter of time to express the common interests within a cooperation.

Our limited masks will be available exclusively online at the Herz&Blut shop from October 7th, 5pm, 2022.

We invite you to discover the installation of the 222 masks in person, please join for the opportunity to see the limited works of art at the exhibition at Maison Palmé.


8 & 9 October 2022
Saturday & Sunday, 1 – 5 pm

Lindower Straße 18
2nd Staircase | 2nd Floor left
13347 Berlin

44flavours — TREES


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An exhibition at 121+, curated by Corraini Edizioni

In our artistic practice we deal with different facets of painting, often in relation to other spatial media. Our pictorial language combines an ongoing research into a variety of abstract and figurative forms which interact with each other via composition and color palette. One of the figurative elements that has, over the years, become something of a recurring motif in our work is the tree. It has appeared as a part of our studies of our surroundings, but as a purely fictional artistic device as well. We’ve rendered it in the form of a sculpture (or some sort of assemblage) and in paintings and drawings. It’s also no secret that we love working with wood, as far as choice materials are concerned! Our installations – however abstract formally they might have been at times – have often alluded to the idea of a forest. But, also, to the idea of lineage, as in: the family tree. With this exhibition we would like to explicitly work with trees as our key theme / narrative, and with that finally bring them to the foreground. In a sense, we would like to thank them for their ongoing companionship.

?? TREES ??

Opening celebration: 21st of September, 6pm
7th of September  – 31st of  October, 2022

Libreria Corraini 121+, via Savona 17/5, Milano

44flavours — Reaparecendo Formas

Reaparecendo Formas

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“Reaparecendo Formas” (Reappearing Forms) is an experimental, processual, interdisciplinary Project in collaboration with the following artists, who are working in different fields, like dance, performance, photography, video, fashion, media art, collage, sculpture and painting:

Dinho Araujo
Danielle Filgueiras
Marcos Ferreira
Marcia de Aquino
Pablo Monteiro
Julio Rölle (44flavours)

The current state of the project was presented as a projection and with a couple of the results that we made during the week at Chão art space in São Luís on Friday the 28th of January 22. The excerpts are still on view and can be seen during their opening hours.

Please follow the local corona restrictions, wear a mask, keep distance, etc…

The “Reaparecendo Formas” collaboration is part of my residency at Chão Artspace. Thanks so much for having me again and for the possibility of working at your beautiful space.
Also thanks to the CEG / Casa de Estudos Germânicos and to Goethe Institut for the support.