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Posted by SB on November 2nd 2020

due to exhibition

Posted by SB on October 7th 2020

We are glad to be part of the group exhibition, entitled “due to”, curated by raumwww (Johannes Mundinger & Daniel Hahn ) at Neurotitan gallery together with the following artists:

Anna Steinert, Bram Braam, Claude Blo RicciDaniel HahnElisabeth Sonneck44flavours, Johannes MundingerJorinde Fischer, Karl KowalkeLena von GoedekeLeonid KellerLexia Hachtmann, Marta VovkMatthias ReinmuthSascha MissfeldtTomoko Mori.

We decided to show the work “uncovered”, which was painted during the “lock down” situation in our studio.

210 cm x 165 cm x 25 cm
Acrylic paint, oil pastels and airbrush on canvas.
Berlin 2020


7 October 2020, 14 till 21 h

Exhibition 8 till 31 October
Tuesday till saturday, 13 till 18 h

Neurotitan Gallery
Rosenthaler Straße 39
10187 Berlin


Posted by SB on July 1st 2020

On Saturday the 4th of July we will be opening our first show this year, after it got postponed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic at Echtwert Store in Bielefeld from 11 – 18h.

Since a bit more than two years we are experimenting with ceramics.

The past months we worked more intensively with the material to realize different series of sculptures.


Posted by SB on January 29th 2020

An edition of 44 unique painted wooden masks available at the Bookshop Walther König Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Contemporary Art — Berlin “The Berlin artist duo 44flavours (Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle) utilizes a variety of media for their work, which is painting in broad terms. In their creative vision almost anything can be a canvas – a piece of cardboard or a piece of wood, a rock or a jacket, a vase from the flea market, a wall somewhere around the globe or even an actual canvas. The new masks are playful objects made from cut out wood panels that are painted in the duo’s characteristic style mix of poppy colours, geometric shapes and abstract symbols. The artists have established a method where they take turns working on the object, each responding to the other’s action. Hereby two signature styles complement each other in an agile and dynamic way – indistinguishable in the end. The series’ individual pieces feature superman-like eye masks, liberally mixed with ethnological influences as well as eyes and ears that radiate an animalistic vibe. The results are playful feline, bunny eared, cat-eyed, floppy-eared, pointed-chin masks whose true craftsmanship consist in their virtual ease.”

Text: Elke Giffeler