Watt En Schlick Fest

Posted by Julio on July 31st 2018 in Installation/Sets, music

For the next couple of days we will be working at Watt En Schlick Festival again. This year we will be working on 3 different Installations.
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Posted by Julio on July 9th 2018 in setdesign

End of June we were invited to Munich to help my dear brother Till Rölle with his first Theater Piece for kids for Schauburg – München and Dom Pedro Schule in collaboration with TUSCH München. We held a workshop to build the set design for the Piece »The Invisible Kids«.


Posted by Julio on June 28th 2018 in Exhibitions

We are happy to be part of MOTIF, a collaborative project by Ucon Acrobatics together with whole bunch of talented designers.

Heres some infos about the show, which will be opening on Tuesday, July 3rd at Zwei Drei Raum:

“Our latest project is called MOTIF, a charity collaborative design project with a roster of internationally renowned creative studios to design a limited range of one-off backpacks with profits donated to the homeless of Berlin.

Curated by Tobias Faisst, the MOTIF series of products will be presented at Berlin Fashion Week, ZWEIDREI RAUM gallery, Berlin-Kreuzberg. The backpacks will be auctioned online, exclusively for a fortnight from the exhibition launch. Proceeds will be donated to Streem – art & culture streetmag, a contemporary art, design and street magazine that supports the homeless in Berlin.”

Participating Studios:
44flavours Berlin • 44flavours
Atrois Studio Paris • Atrois Studio
Badesaison Zurich • Badesaison
Bielke&Yang Oslo • Bielke&Yang
Binger Laucke Siebein Berlin • Binger Laucke Siebein
Bureau David Voss Leipzig • David Voss
Cee Cee Creative Berlin • Cee Cee Creative
Dinamo Typefaces Basel • Dinamo
Eps51 Berlin • Eps51
Erich Brechbühl Lucerne • Erich Brechbühl
Fons Hickmann m23 Berlin • Fons Hickmann m23
Gold & Wirtschaftswunder Stuttgart • Gold & Wirtschaftswunder
Grilli Type Zurich • Grilli Type
Hort Berlin • HORT / After School Club
Hugo & Marie New York • Hugo & Marie
Jonathan Castro Lima • Jonathan Castro
Koos Breen The Hague • Koos Breen
Leif Podhajsky London • Leif Podhajsky
M.Willis Sydney • Michael Willis
Mainstudio Amsterdam • MAINSTUDIO
Maximilian Mauracher Berlin • Maximilian Mauracher
Moby Digg Munich • Moby Digg
Neo Neo Geneva
PIN Systems St. Gallen
Plus Murs Studio Nantes • Plus Mûrs
Präsens Büro Lucerne • Präsens Büro
Rimasùu Studio Paris • Rimasùu Studio
Spassky Fischer Paris
Studio Amanda Haas Berlin • Studio Amanda Haas
Studio Feixen Lucerne • Studio Feixen
Studio Maurice Másson Hamburg
Studio Ponto Amsterdam • Ponto
Studio von Monkiewitsch Cologne • Studio von Monkiewitsch
Studio Yukiko Berlin • Y U K I K O
Sucuk und Bratwurst Mainz • Sucuk und Bratwurst
Tobias Faisst Berlin • Tobias Faisst
Tobias Rechsteiner Berlin • Tobias Rechsteiner
TRAUM INC London • Traum Inc

Posted by Julio on June 4th 2018 in film

“Two minds capturing two other minds. André Martins and Tiago Lemos spent the week in Abrantes following Julio Rölle and Sebastian Bagge, the team behind 44flavours. The result is an adventure all over the town, unveiling local artists or giving a new life to abandoned places, while getting to know better the true essence of this multimedia duo’s colorful art-meets-design-work.”
Canal 180

This documentary was also endorsed by Jeff Hamada from Booooooom.