44flavours — EDO X 44FLAVOURS


Posted by JR on May 26th 2023 in Exhibitions

The collaboration between the fashion label Edo and the artist duo 44flavours is primarily about the exchange and merging of the boundaries between art and fashion, but also about the different approaches to dealing with textiles.

Our concept is the connection between painting and craft and we wanted to investigate how painting works on a fashion object. We asked ourselves how the painting becomes part of the person by wearing it on the body. How the painting connects with the human body and how the effect changes as it flows into everyday life.

The interaction of the different perspectives of the actors and the exchange between the two duos created a new connection that creates a very special niche position.
The painting becomes wearable, the person who dresses it becomes an actor in an everyday performance.
The resulting unique pieces are neither paintings nor fashion, but they contain both.
On Friday the 2nd of June we present wearable objects that create a connection between these same media.

We cordially invite you to this.


Friday 2nd of June
5 – 10 pm
 Raum Vollreinigung
Right of Gitschinerstr. 59
10969 Berlin
44flavours — Open Studio

Open Studio

Posted by JR on April 26th 2023 in Ceramic
We are happy to invite you to the open studio event of our friend the ceramist Evelyn Klam.
Within the past 5 years we have been working closely together with Evelyn on various ceramics and have been developing new collaborative pieces together with her in her studio.
During the process and exchange within the past months we’ve been developing a new Serie of sculptural Vases, that we would like to present to you within this open studio situation during the Gallery Weekend.
Please feel warmly invited to join us this coming Saturday and Sunday the 29th & 30th of April between 2pm and 6pm at Pohlstr.11, Bogen 7, 10785 Berlin.
44flavours — THE NEW YESTERDAY


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We are happy to be part of THE NEW YESTERDAY, a group exhibition at HVW8 Gallery Berlin, next to the following artists:

Sebastian Haslauer
Daniel M Thurau
Sascha Missfeldt
Stefan Rinck
Jaybo Monk

Opening February 10th, 2023 at 6pm
Press release by Manuel Osterholt:

“… for each beginning bears a special magic that nurtures living and bestows protection.”
Hermann Hesse

“With the group exhibition THE NEW YESTERDAY, HVW8 Gallery Berlin celebrates new beginnings in challenging times.
The ever changing landscapes, physical and psychological, shifting to new manifestations. Resting for a singular
moment, to transform into another the next. How does it feel to make this first step into the unknown. The uncertain
that lies ahead and how do we react to it, in a leap of faith. The artist is by nature repeating this process, with every new
work. It becomes a part of the process. Selected works from the artists’ most recent series are shown together for the
first time. And we´re off to new beginnings.”

HVW8 Berlin, Linienstr. 161, 10115 Berlin
Opening: February 10th, 6-9 pm
Exhibition: February 11th – April 15th
Opening hours: Tue-Sat, 2-7 pm

44flavours — ”No more process, only instant results“

”No more process, only instant results“

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”No more process, only instant results“
by 44flavours

Exhibition – Opening: Thursday 9th of February 2023 at 6pm
at: Bar da Suêni, R. do Ribeirão, 24 – Centro, São Luís, MA, Brazil

The initial idea of this project is to show painting as a medium in motion.
The body of work consists of a mural (about 5m x 6m) and 10 painted T-shirts, which will be activated by exhibition visitors.
Above all, the work is about rethinking the medium of painting, or about the question of how painting can be further developed in the 21st century.
In addition, it’s about the interdisciplinary intersection between painting and dance.
The natural course of movement in the everyday context is declared as dance or performance.
The work becomes a fluid snapshot that constantly changes and creates new images.
For the realization of the project, I collaborated with @maricecosta and @concitacostan to create 10 oversized linen T-shirts. The oversized t-shirt as the basic form becomes a robe, a costume in which one side is painted over the entire surface and the other side is printed with pinstripes. The robe becomes the canvas, the painting surface, the painting gives the fashion item an object-like quality.
At the opening of the exhibition, 10 different people will be wearing the robes in the same format, so that the robes create different effects due to the size variations.
These people move naturally in front of the painted mural during the opening, but become part of the exhibition.
Because they present the painting in motion, they become the protagonists of a performance.
The exhibition is accessible to everyone and takes place in public space.

The title of the exhibition is an allusion/ parody of the fast pace of life, that results are constantly being presented, but that basically every moment of a process is nothing more than a kind of momentary result.
The exhibition takes place in cooperation with the project space @chaoslz in the context of an artist residency.
The project was curated by @marciadeaquino13