Spring is a fever, a mild type of madness, a smile without a reason or a tune, a daring batch of colors and an easy hand with a brush, a cool beer on a sunny day at the park, the itch to trust the irrational and the feeling of falling in love and we're celebrating all of that and then some this month!

So what's good with us? Well, first of all, we have a new atelier and it's conveniently located in the same building complex as our office. So whenever that creative madness strikes, we just run downstairs and act out, which is what we've been doing quite a bit these last couple of weeks – take a peek here


By default, having a new studio also means that there are less paint splashes and fingerprints on our invoices – sorry! And since we have all this extra space right now, we've actually managed to resist the temptation of getting a proper table tennis setup and instead we've decided to spread the love and share our office space with two extremely talented designers: Ana Lessing and Alexandra Bald. It's good to have some fresh energy up in here and we're also looking forward to kicking off some amazing projects together.

But y'all better not get it twisted, we're still sharp with our table tennis skills and we're open to any challenges. Come get some! 


We've been receiving quite a bit of press over the last few months. And what's really astounding is that the caliber of the publications is still growing. We've scored quite a substantial amount of space in the books Dasein and Streetfonts. The prestigious +81 magazine treated us to an in-depth interview and gave us the equivalent of a proper chapter. However, for those that need instant input and gratification, we suggest checking out the classy magDA 'zine, which is available online in PDF format.


We've been collaborating with Völkl Snowboards for a few solid years now and what's always good about our work together is that our design eccentricities always get the green light at the end. It's a pleasure to work with Art Director Tarek Shaer – the brother's sharp. Here is what we came up with.

Graniph is another one of our long term partners. Good people doing good things out in Japan. This is our latest design, which went to print just recently. In light of the tragedies in Japan we would like to wish all the best to our extended family out on that side of the world and of course we're up for any projects to help patch things up. Please spread the word!


The latest documented sightings of our work include the exhibits Wunderkammer at VONRaum, Streetlab at Keystone Editions and Backstreet Toys at Kupferdiebe. Our Kingston illustration was posted on the SHOWUSYOURTYPE website alongside the work of a legion of amazing illustrators and designers – something that's definitely worth checking.


We've finally managed to update our Illustration Section and there are all types of goodies up in there. Plus we've been propelled by the Carnival to make some wild masks, screen-prints and collages and we're actually considering selling some of them as a part of our Spring clearing/cleaning action. So if anything here is candy for your eyes or soul for your rib – just drop us a line or two and we'll figure something out over a cup of tea and a biscuit.


We admit it! It really is an addiction! But justifiably so – 'cause there's no way that you can top the format of a XXL canvas and the freedom that comes along with it! Here are some paint dripping newbies that we brought to life with our friends Robert, Alex and Clemens


The 44flavours vs. ROBOT KOCH mixtape, which we sent out in the previous newsletter got so much love and made so many people happy, that we decided to continue with the series. The principle is simple – the music on the mixtapes has to be soulful, heartfelt and from the gut. That's it! So this time around we invited someone that we're pretty sure is gonna make quite a bit of noise in the New-Beats sector in just a second. We're proud to present MR. DIRG GERNER! Who's actually somebody you probably already know, but under a different name. See if y'all can connect the dots.

Preview here. Download here


Congratulations to our favorite freelancer, partner in arms and just all around good peoples, the charming Miss Raby, for nailing her Diploma with class! Happy birthday to our brother Helder and Mr. Rölle Senior – we're still celebrating you guys! 

at least...

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